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  • Deli Shop

    The Mile End Online Deli will soon allow you to enjoy New York’s best sandwiches anywhere in the country.  House cured and smoked meats, fish, pickles, breads and sweets made with all-natural ingredients will be available for purchase with overnight delivery.

    Smoked Meat, Pastrami’s aromatic cousin, is our standout specialty that will be available by the pound or as part of a deli gift box.  You’ll be able to pair your smoked brisket with a caraway seed studded Jewish Rye and some sour pickles or buy salami and smoked turkey for a deli platter extraordinaire.  These meats need the perfect pickle complement, and our selection of vegetables change seasonally.

    With a rotating roster of products and gift packages to please even the fussiest deli maven, our online deli shop should be the first stop for lovers of all things brisket.