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Canada Day in Central Park


  We are very excited to be taking part in a special event on Saturday June 29th – The first ever Canada Day International in Central Park.  Canadians will be taking over the park for the entire day and Mile End Delicatessen will be...

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RECIPE: Soul Mash


The deli lifestyle is not really known for its flattering effects on your figure. We always appreciate the effort of those ordering a lean Smoked Meat sandwich, though, in reality, the deli is not the place for a dieter. Sure, borscht is a healthy...

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Happy Passover


The Passover holiday is one that urges all of its celebrants to become engaged storytellers. Rather than the usual stuffing of the face that often takes place at Jewish holiday tables, the Passover Seder regulates the meal and asks more of its...

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Quick Catering Has Resumed!


We’re pleased to have resumed our catering services, which are available for pickup or delivery in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Email or call 347-708-6915 to place an order. All of the classic deli meats are also available...

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Special Evenings


Nearly five months have passed since Sandy hit. Our harbor-side neighborhood of Red Hook has resumed a more regular rhythm and our commissary kitchen is humming with the preparation of meats and more.  There are some products like our breads and...

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Playlist #4: Christmas edition


This playlist posed the opposite problem of the last – there’s too much Christmas music out there, and while some of it is essential (Mariah, she’s on fiyah), the rest is too saccharine (Bublé, Rod Stewart, any version of “White...

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RECIPE: Smoked Bluefish Toast


We look forward to the preparation and service of our Traditional Jewish Christmas a.k.a A Chinese Feast all year long.  It’s a moment to step outside of our usual Jewish comfort food fare and have some fun with new ingredients and...

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Playlist #3: Chanukah edition


The purpose of this playlist was to stay as far away as possible from Adam Sandler, Matisyahu, and this creepy and unsettling Carole King song I found called “Chanukah Prayer.” But in doing so, I found that there really wasn’t too much...

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RECIPE: Latkes


If you know anything about Chanukah it’s that the holiday is an excuse to eat fried foods for eight days.  The story of the miracle of oil  is a simple one: Emperor Antiochus and his Syrian forces invaded Jerusalem and the Maccabees defended...

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Recipes, stories & ideas

This blog is our place to share our thoughts on everything from recipes and cooking techniques to music, culture and Jewish interest.  We’ll feature posts from the people who make Mile End such a special place; our cooks and bakers and servers and managers who each bring a unique energy and enthusiasm to food and hospitality.  We’ll also include conversations with friends from the field in an attempt to open up the dialogue about the food business and beyond.
You’ll gain insight into the workings of our kitchen and the development of new dishes along with weekly recipes for seasonal cooking.   Check back regularly for news and information about special events and new menu items as well as entertaining ideas, how-to videos and more.  Throughout the Fall of 2012 we’ll be  featuring tips, techniques and process shots that correspond with the recipes in The Mile End Cookbook, so be on the lookout for topics like how to braid challah, best practices for brining turkey and ideas for pairing wine.