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Playlist #4: Christmas edition


This playlist posed the opposite problem of the last – there’s too much Christmas music out there, and while some of it is essential (Mariah, she’s on fiyah), the rest is too saccharine (Bublé, Rod Stewart, any version of “White...

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RECIPE: Smoked Bluefish Toast


We look forward to the preparation and service of our Traditional Jewish Christmas a.k.a A Chinese Feast all year long.  It’s a moment to step outside of our usual Jewish comfort food fare and have some fun with new ingredients and...

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Playlist #3: Chanukah edition


The purpose of this playlist was to stay as far away as possible from Adam Sandler, Matisyahu, and this creepy and unsettling Carole King song I found called “Chanukah Prayer.” But in doing so, I found that there really wasn’t too much...

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RECIPE: Latkes


If you know anything about Chanukah it’s that the holiday is an excuse to eat fried foods for eight days.  The story of the miracle of oil  is a simple one: Emperor Antiochus and his Syrian forces invaded Jerusalem and the Maccabees defended...

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PLAYLIST #2: Thanksgiving edition


Giving thanks is fun. It’s right and necessary and sometimes it’s overlooked in a city of almost 9 million people. But more often than not, we say it –a simple “thank you”– for directions (even though we have an...

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Turkey day


One of our favorite parts of the cookbook writing process was the maven interviews. We sat down with friends and respected colleagues to learn about their perspective on everything from how to care for your knife to pairing wine. One of the best...

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Giving thanks


It’s been three weeks since the storm hit. Twenty one days of waking up to a confounding reality; one that presents physical, emotional and operational challenges that rival any struggle we’ve faced with this labor of love over the last...

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Sandy hit hard

Liberty Warehouse at Pier 41, Red Hook

Dear friends and lovers of deli, Our thoughts are with all of those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Thankfully our entire team is safe and both restaurant locations secure. Unfortunately the Red Hook neighborhood where our central kitchen is located...

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Celebrate Jewish Food on October 12 & 13


Last year in Berkeley Noah and I attended the Deli Summit to discuss the direction of Jewish food and deli culture and since then we’ve been working on a way to continue the conversation. On October 12th we’ll be hosting a Shabbat dinner...

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Our favorite recipe for a sweet new year

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 1.40.53 PM

What better way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah than with sweet foods that represent the sweetness we hope for in the new year?  Beyond the requisite apples dipped in honey it’s customary to serve a few savory dishes with hints of sweetness like...

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